Savannah Regional


The Savannah Regional was held on Thursday, January 24, 2019. The first place elementary, middle, and high school teams can compete at State Finals.

WTOC featured the Savannah Regional on their Good News segment - take a peek here!


The Savannah Regional's schedule is TBD. Check back soon!


What do I need?

Just yourself and your phone or other web-enabled device.

*The app Populy will be used to evaluate projects. Please bring a hand-held web-enabled device (phone or tablet) to use for judging.*

Judging Criteria

  1. Practicality– the project addresses a clearly defined problem or need

  2. Knowledge Base– the students can explain the relevant science or other research that went into their product

  3. Design-Based Thinking– the students used an iterative design process including testing and refining

  4. Creativity– the product is sufficiently unique from competing products

  5. Marketability– there is a clearly defined market or customer base for the product

  6. Social Responsibility– the students addressed any relevant ethical or sustainability issues.  The product is likely to have a positive impact on individuals or society

  7. Enthusiasm and Communication– students communicated their ideas clearly and are excited about their product

  8. Manufacturability– the students have considered making and manufacturing in their prototype or have a manufacturing plan for the future

Find the K-12 InVenture Challenge rubric here.

Parking and Directions

More information on parking and directions will be posted closer to the date. Check back soon!