Why should we participate in Mock Pitch?

Mock Pitch is an opportunity for students to (a) develop their presentation and communication skills, (b) practice pitching for the competition, and (c) receive feedback for their project.

The Mock Pitch competition event engages students in the design process as they determine how their feedback may guide the next iteration of their invention.

Who participates in Mock Pitch and what are their roles?


Participating student teams showcase their developing inventions with a project name, project description, and a short video presentation.


Parents of participating students must complete the Ideal-Logic Parental Consent forms by reviewing, signing, and granting permission for their student(s) to participate in the K-12 InVenture Prize events for the fall semester.


Teachers may support students by helping submit their projects on the RocketJudge platform. After receiving the judges' feedback from our K-12 InVenture Prize team, teachers will also disseminate the feedback to student teams.


Mock Pitch judges consist of current Georgia Tech students, faculty/staff, and industry experts. Judges volunteer their time and expertise to evaluate projects and provide feedback.

What do students need for their Mock Pitch submission?

Project Title

Short description of their project (maximum 800 characters)

Unedited video presentation about your invention's concept and design

  • Video Length: 45 seconds minimum, 3 minute maximum
  • Uploaded to YouTube
  • Video Settings: unlisted, public

Teacher's email

What should students expect from Mock Pitch feedback?

Mock Pitch judges use the K-12 InVenture Prize Rubric to evaluate student projects and are highly encouraged to leave comments for feedback. Students will receive scores in each category and possibly comments from each judge.

Mock Pitch Feedback Process
  • After Mock Pitch Judging, the K-12 InVenture Prize team will synthesize the scores and comments from judges and send feedback to teachers.
  • Teachers will disseminate scores and feedback to each student team.
  • Students are encouraged to carefully consider their scores and feedback from the judges and determine where to take the next iteration of their inventions.

Mock Pitch Submission Checklist


Read, review, and sign the Ideal-Logic Parental Consent forms to grant permission for their student(s) to participate in the K-12 InVenture Prize fall events.

Student Teams
  • Read the K-12 InVenture Prize Judging Rubric and prepare a presentation about your invention with the judging categories in mind.
  • Prepare your Mock Pitch Submission
  • Submit your Mock Pitch
    • If your teacher is submitting your project on behalf of your team, send your teacher the items for your Mock Pitch.
    • If your team will be submitting your project, submit all items for your Mock Pitch, including your teacher's email, via the RocketJudge platform. Please submit only once.

Teachers (if the teacher is submitting on behalf of the student teams)
  • Collect your student teams' project information and video links.
  • Complete the Mock Pitch Submission online via the RocketJudge platform for each student team.

How much does it cost to participate in Mock Pitch?

Participation in the Mock Pitch event is covered under School Registration. There are no additional fees or cost to participate.

My student goes by a nickname. Can I put their nickname on the Mock Pitch submission?

No, we require the legal spelling of each student's name on any registration or forms. We provide an additional line for a preferred name for students that wish to be called a different name.

Why must parents complete Fall Parental Consent forms?

Georgia Tech requires parental consent for any student participating in our programs and events hosted by Georgia Tech, including K-12 InVenture Prize program and competition events, such as Mock Pitch.