Which Qualifier event should we participate in?

Student teams in the vicinity of the Regional Qualifier events are highly encouraged to participate in that qualifier. The Online Qualifier event serves student teams unable to participate in the Regional Qualifier events.

Student teams may only participate in one Qualifier event.

Who participates in Qualifiers and what are their roles?


Student teams participating in an in-person Regional Qualifier event will present their invention and design process to judges with their presentation posters.

Student teams participating in the Online Qualifier event will showcase their developing inventions with through a recorded video presentation.


Parents of participating students must complete the Ideal-Logic Parental Consent forms by reviewing, signing, and granting permission for their student(s) to participate in the K-12 InVenture Prize events for the spring semester. Parents may also serve as the adult for the care, custody, and/or control of the student at the in-person Qualifier events.


Teachers may support students by helping register students on the RocketJudge platform. Teachers must also ensure that there is an adult present for the care, custody, and/or control of the student(s) and may serve that role at the in-person Qualifier events.

For in-person Qualifier events, teachers are responsible for coordinating transportation, chaperones, and other field trip needs.

For the Online Qualifier event, teachers may support students by helping submit their projects on the RocketJudge platform for online judging.


Qualifier judges consist of current Georgia Tech students, faculty/staff, and industry experts. Judges volunteer their time and expertise to evaluate projects and provide feedback.


What do students need for the Qualifiers?

A completed project

Presentation poster (student teams may use our poster templates or create their own designs)

Be present for the entirety of their judging time frame (Regional Qualifier events)

Recorded video presentation (Online Qualifier only)

How much does participation in a Qualifier event cost?

Participation in the Qualifier event is covered under School Registration. There are no additional fees or cost to participate.

When are the judging time frames?

We are coordinating with our preferred judging company to assign each team an interviewing window. Currently, we do not have any guarantees to be able to assign your team a specific time slot as this is our pilot year scheduling interviews. Clarification will be provided throughout the year, and precise instructions will be emailed in January, leading to the event in February.

My student goes by a nickname. Can I put their nickname on the registration for a Qualifier event??

No, we require the legal spelling of each student's name on any registration or forms. We provide an additional line for a preferred name for students that wish to be called a different name.

Why must parents complete Spring Parental Consent forms?

Georgia Tech requires parental consent for any student participating in our programs and events hosted by Georgia Tech, including K-12 InVenture Prize program and competition events, such as Qualifier events.