How much does it cost to participate in State Finals?

Participation in State Finals costs $100.00 per team.

Who participates in State Finals and what are their roles?


Only advancing student teams from one of the Qualifier events are invited to State Finals. Participating student teams present their invention and design process to judges in person and may participate in activities at the event.


Parents may serve as the adult for the care, custody, and/or control of the student. Parents are invited to attend State Finals. Each school will receive a limited amount of parking vouchers. Any additional parking costs will be incurred by the visitors.


Teachers are responsible for coordinating transportation, registration, and securing funding amongst other field trip needs. Teachers serve as leads for their students, parents, and chaperones throughout the course of the event. Teachers must also ensure that there is an adult present in the care, custody, and/or control of the student(s) and may serve that role.


Qualifier judges consist of current Georgia Tech students, faculty/staff, and industry experts. Judges volunteer their time and expertise to evaluate projects and provide feedback.

What should we expect at State Finals?

The State Finals field trip experience is an all-day event.

Tentative Schedule
Late Morning / Early Afternoon Arrival, Check-In, Set-Up
Mid Afternoon Judging; Activities
Late Afternoon Awards Ceremony

State Finals participants and attendees are also invited to attend the televised broadcasting of the Georgia Tech InVenture Prize competition by Georgia Public Broadcasting.

A detailed State Finals Guide will be provided to all advancing teams with their invitations to attend State Finals. The guide will outline check-in procedures, parking, event location, and maps to navigate Georgia Tech’s campus and include the event schedule.

What do students need for State Finals?

A completed project

Presentation Poster or Tri-board

Invention or Prototype if available


May teachers bring their classes or other students to State Finals?

No, due to space limitations, only student teams invited to State Finals may attend.

My student goes by a nickname. Can I put their nickname on the registration for State Finals?

No, we require the legal spelling of each student's name on any registration or forms. We provide an additional line for a preferred name for students that wish to be called a different name.

Do parents need to complete Parental Consent forms specifically for State Finals?

No, the Spring Parental Consent forms cover K-12 InVenture Prize events that occur in the spring, such as Qualifier events and State Finals. Parents should have already completed Parental Consent forms prior to any of the Qualifier events.