1. Access the RocketJudge E-Ballot

Judges are sent an e-invite from RocketJudge to their inbox, which directly links to their e-ballot and assigned student projects.

Note: Judges will only be able to access their e-ballot during the dates of Mock Pitch.

2. Read Pitch Descriptions and Watch Pitch Videos

Judges access and view each student team's pitch, which contains a short abstract and video.

3. Score and Evaluate Project Proposals

After viewing the students' pitch, judges score each criteria of the students' pitch using the rubric and sliding scales, which are integrated into the RocketJudge platform. We also encourage judges to add feedback comments for students to take into consideration as they continue to design and develop their inventions.

Wednesday, March 15


State Finals

In-person judging on Georgia Tech's Atlanta Campus, powered by RocketJudge

The State Finals is an in-person field trip experience for student teams who advanced from the Online Qualifier and Regional Qualifiers. Students must have a tri-board detailing their invention process and attend in person. Top teams in their division or specialty categories will receive prizes at the Awards Ceremony.

Where is my e-vite to access the RocketJudge e-ballot?

Your e-vite will be sent to your email the day before the judging period begins.
Tip: Check your spam or junk folder if you have never received an email from RocketJudge before.

I cannot access my RocketJudge e-ballot.

You will be unable to access your e-ballot prior to the judging period. If the judging period has begun and you are still unable to access your e-ballot, check your browser or device. RocketJudge recommends using Chrome or Firefox to access the platform and using a non-work laptop or desktop computer since employers may added security settings to block external sites. If you continue to have problems accessing your e-ballot, email us at k12inventure@gatech.edu.

Do I need to create an account with RocketJudge?

No accounts are required to judge using RocketJudge. Your e-ballot will be accessible via the e-vite that is sent to your email.

I cannot access the student's YouTube video.

Hold off on scoring and email us at k12inventure@gatech.edu!