Who completes School Registration?

We recommend each school designate one of their participating teachers as the primary teacher or point of contact. The primary teacher will collect information from each participating teacher at the school and submit the online School Registration form.

How much does School Registration cost?

The School Registration fee costs $75.00 per school. The fee covers all participating teachers from that school and ensures your eligibility to participate in the program and access the K-12 InVenture Prize curriculum and IronCAD licenses.

Our online registration portal secures payment through credit card via American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, and Visa. Email any inquiries regarding payment to k12inventure@gatech.edu.

School Registration Checklist

All participating teachers

  • Designate the primary teacher at your school who will serve as the lead or point of contact for all participating teachers with the K-12 InVenture Prize program.
  • Identify and/or secure sources of funding for the $75.00 School Registration fee.
  • Provide information and data for Sections 3-6 of the School Registration Worksheet to the primary teacher. Data should be summed totals of participating students in your classes.

Primary teachers

  • Collect and synthesize information from all participating teachers, including your participating students. School Registration should include the totals for all participating students at your school.
  • Complete all sections of the School Registration Worksheet.
  • Secure funding for the $75.00 School Registration fee.
  • Complete the online School Registration form and keep the receipt for your records.
Image of the top section of the School Registration worksheet

School Registration Worksheet

The School Registration Worksheet helps prepare your answers before accessing the registration portal, as the online system will time out after the end of 15 minutes.

The School Registration questions and fields pertain to the teachers and students participating in the K-12 InVenture Prize program.

School Registration Marketplace Walkthrough

The School Registration Marketplace Walkthrough serves as a step-by-step guide for how to fill out School Registration.

What is the purpose of School Registration?

School Registration informs our team of who is participating in this year's K-12 InVenture Prize in order to plan program and event logistics.
The demographic information of participating students informs our team of our program's reach and impact. One of our missions is to advocate for and leads systemic changes to increase STEM interest and achievement for all students, especially those underrepresented in STEM. The demographic information you provide will be used for statistical reporting purposes only.

Where do I complete School Registration?

The K-12 InVenture Prize program uses Marketplace through epay.gatech.edu. Marketplace offers a secure, online e-commerce environment for registrations requiring payment by credit card.

How do I register more than three additional teachers at my school?

Email us at k12inventure@gatech.edu if there are more than three additional teachers who want to participate in the program. Though the online form supports the registration of up to three additional teachers, our team will gladly accommodate for more participating teachers at your school.